Focus was given to repair and construct damaged houses due to the devastating Amphan storm. Relief was given to
    1. 1 person in Kolkata to reconstruct make shift Tea Stall in the road side.
    2. House was repaired for 1 person in Kolkata.
    3. 1 person in Village Altaberia, 24 parganas (South) to reconstruct house which was totally damaged in Amphan.
    4. 1 person in village Senary , P.O. Bamun Bar, Purba Midnapur to reconstruct kitchen cum godown damaged in Amphan.
    5. 1 person in village & P.O.Hanubhuia , Purba Midnapur to reconstruct house totally damaged in Amphan.
    6. 1 person in village Loa, Purba Bardhaman, to reconstruct house.