COVID-19 relief from center started 1st April with cooked food distribution among 200 people. Next week cooked food was again distributed among 130 persons.

Distribution of grocery within the locality was started immediately with RICE – 5KG, DAL -500GMS, SOYABEAN CHUNK – 250 GMS, MUSTARD OIL – 500GMS, MILK POWDER – 200 GMS, BATH SOAP – 2 NOS. to 850 persons in April’ 2020.

It was decided to distribute ration to 150 families for 2 months. Card was distributed to the people of nearby wards of Kolkata Corporation which included Ward no. 115,121,122,116. Ultimately it was distributed among 160 families. Distributed items were 10kg Rice, 2kg Dal, 2kg Mustard oil, 2kg Sugar, 2kg Atta/Sattoo, 600gm Nutrela Chunk, 100gm Tea leaf, 200gm Haldi powder, 2kg Salt, 2kg Soap Powder, 2pcs soaps, Biscuits etc. for 2 months i.e. up to June’2020.

The total number of beneficiaries is about 1100 families.

It is still continuing among needy people.

Mask were distributed among 150 persons.


VILLAGE UTTAR KALAM DHAN (PURBA MIDNAPUR) grocery was distributed among 100 families. Items included 5kg Rice, 500gm Dal, 1kg Atta, 2pcs Soaps, 500gm Mustard Oil, 250gm Nutrela Chunks.

VILLAGE HARIT DISTRICT HOOGHLY grocery was distributed among 220 families. Items included 1kg Atta, 1kg Mustard oil, 1kg Sugar,1kg Dal, 1kg Soap Powder. 50 pcs Masks were also distributed here.