Sevangan, The Charitable Dispensary was started in a humble way in the main premises in May, 2000. It is now a full-fledged poly clinic in its own premises. The land was received on lease from the Kolkata Municipal Corporation in the year 2003 to run a Charitable Dispensary exclusively. The ground floor of the building for running the Dispensary was constructed with the Financial Help of Bank of Maharashtra in its inception. Gradually, with the support of compassionate donors and corporate houses, our charitable Dispensary Building is a three storied building now.

At present, Sevangan runs five days a week in the afternoon from 3.30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Qualified, experienced and enterprising 20 doctors render voluntary services in the different Departments of the clinic for the ailing mothers and children of the surrounding slums. No doctors’ fees are charged from the patients and prescribed medicines are distributed among them free of cost. Aged mothers are regularly given lifesaving drugs for diabetes, hypertension, thyroid and cardio logical problems throughout the year.

Only minimum fees are charged from the patients for all the investigations, Physiotherapy and Dental care. Concession is given when and where needed.

Our target is to serve nearly 10,000 patients annually. We have Clinical Establishment License for all our clinics from the Health and Family Welfare Department, Govt. of West Bengal. We have also received exemption from paying the clinical licence fees to the Government. Property Tax is  also exempted by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation from the beginning. 

Clinics run in Sevangan are –

  • General Medicine clinic including Endocrinology – thrice a week
  • Cardiology clinic – two days in a month
  • Paediatric clinic-thrice a week
  • Gynaecology clinic – twice a week
  • Diabetic clinic – once a week
  • Dermatology clinic – twice a month.
  • N.T. clinic – once a week.
  • The complete Dental Unit with 1 dental chair started with the financial help of Steel Authority of India in 2011 works thrice a week.
  • Eye clinic – twice a week.
  • Orthopaedic clinic – once a week

Apart from these, we have also –

  • A small Pathological Laboratory with Semi-Automatic Blood Analyser, cell counter runs twice a week from 8 a.m. – 1 Noon
  • A Physiotherapy Unit mainly for the old and suffering mothers runs five days a week.
  • USG is done once a week.
  • ECG and Nebulizer machines work successfully during the last few years.

The homoeopathy clinic started from the inception and is continuing for three days a week.

The Physiotherapy clinic started on June 2011 along the orthopaedic out door mainly for the old and suffering Mother.

Homoeopathy Clinic started from the beginning and continues for two days a week

ECG and Nebulizer machine works successfully during the last few years.

The USG Unit works twice a week.

Medical camps ( Eye Camps, Blood testing camps, Thalassemia detecting camps for children) are conducted a number of times throughout the year.

Nutritious food, Milk etc. are distributed to the deserving, babies, mothers and aged women.

Awareness camps are arranged for the Mothers of the  locality

  1. Diabetic awareness camps.
  2. Breast feeding awareness camp.
  3. Health care awareness camps.
  4. Breast and Uterus cancer awareness camps.