Distribution of COVID-Kit

Distribution of COVID-Kit ( @ 2000/- per kit) :-
1. 1no. Pulse oximeter
2. 1 no. Thermometer
3. 1 box  x 50pcs. Surgical mask
4. 1 no.  x 500ml. Sanitizer
5. 1 no. Electrical vaporizer

Covid Relief

In this unprecedented and extended pandemic situation of COVID-19, we are all environmentally and mentally disturbed. We are constrained and restricted in standing beside the victims of COVID-19 as we have done in previous odd situations. Still, with our limited capacity and resources, with all safety measures we have taken small projects to extend our hand of help towards patients who are economically challenged.
  1. We have started distributing cooked lunch door to door to the COVID affected people.

  2. We have taken up the project of distributing medicines to suspected and affected patients who are unable to go to medicine shops. We are distributing as per requirement –
    • Tab. Doxycycline 100 mg, Tab. Ivermectin 12 mg, Cap. Vit. D3 60k, Tab. Zinc 50 mg,
    • Tab. Vit. C 500 mg, Cap. Pan D or Cap. Omez 20mg, Tab. Montac LC, Tab. Paracetamol 650 mg, Protein Powder 200gm.

  3. We have also taken up the project of RT-PCR (COVID) Test twice a week in our Charitable Dispensary Premises. It will cost ` 800.00 per test. Subsidy will be given to patients when and where needed.

  4. We have also planned of distributing COVID Kits among 100 no. economically challenged families with (i) Pulse Oximeter 1No. (ii) Thermometer 1 No. (iii) Surgical Mask 1 Box, (iv) Disinfectant spray No 1 (v) Hand Sanitizer, (vi) Soap etc. (` 2000.00 approx. per kit).

Covid Care Centre

This is covid care centre run by Judge bagan recreation unit in our locality. We are contibuting the breakfast and lunch to the covid victims and workers of the centre.